Model Based Engineering Design Platform for Faster CAD/CAE Drawings

Using Object Models, EngiDraw designs faster with up to an 80% Savings in time for common drawings.

Drastically reduces the human errors that result from repetitive processes

EngiDraw is faster, cheaper and easier to learn than the competitors

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Why EngiDraw, What makes Us Better?

  • EngiDraw’s focus is to make it simple to design and draft Engineering drawings by using Automation to replace repeatable tasks.

  • We ARE NOT a Typical Drag and Drop, Drawing at a time, drawing system like competitors. 

  • We Focus on Rapid Generation of entire drawings and batches of drawings all in  very short amount of time.

  • Competitors – Build a Drawing manually in roughly 15-30 Minutes

  • Competitors – Build a Drawing with Drag/Drop in roughly 5-10 Minutes

  • EngiDraw – Build 100 Drawings in 2-5 Minutes

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Evolving the way engineering is done

Model based automted engineering design platform


What is Collective Technologies?

4 unique products that encourage creativity
and end monotonous work


We empower technical professionals

Helping build their vision faster

EngiDraw is focusing to solve…

Monotonous Work

Manual drawing platforms such as AutoDesk AutoCAD and Bentley MicroStation consume tons of time with no automation / AI.


Engineered projects are still a very manual, repetitive process.


Engineering projects frequently are over budget.

Simplifying the Dev Cycle

Engineering projects are prone to many errors as humans are not good at repetition.

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