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A Cloud-based SaaS Platform that automatically Generates Engineering Designs and Drawings.

EngiDraw replaces many of the existing manual Error-Prone engineering tasks with Automation.

No CAD/Drawing skills or software required!

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What Do We Do?

Automatically Generate Engineering Designs and Drawings in a fraction of the time it takes using normal processes.

“Think Minutes/Hours not Weeks/Months.”


  • Automatic Generation of many different drawing types, such as

    • IO Wiring Schematics

    • Analog Loop Drawings

    • Panel Layouts/Wiring

    • Motor Schematics

    • MCC Layouts

    • Cable/Conduit Schedules

    • Many more….

  • Full Issue and Version Controls

  • Drawing Packaging and Release control

  • Save to AutoCAD, Microstation, SVG, PDF, etc..

  • Thousands of prebuilt Templates

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Well that’s the Secret Sauce But what we can share is that:

  • We don’t misuse the term A.I.

  • Instead we use an Expert System & Algorithms to do some really Cool things.

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Why EngiDraw? What makes Us Better?

EngiDraw can:

  • Reduce your costs by up to 85% . Making you more competitive/Profitable.

  • Enable you to do More with Less Manpower.¬†

  • Allow less skilled employees to create many types of designs with little training

  • Remove many of the common errors present in engineering designs.


  • Focus on building drawings one at a time, either manually or through Drag & Drop of symbols.

  • Require alot of upfront configuration to generate fixed inflexible¬† batches

  • Require alot of upfront training to create simple drawings

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Evolving the way engineering is done

Model based automted engineering design platform


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